Donating to Punch-a-thon via DoJiggy

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Hello Punchers and Sponsors!

We’ve been alerted to difficulties some of you have been having while trying to donate to CAE’s Punch-a-thon via DoJiggy. We are sorry about the issues, but hopefully the following information can help make the process a little smoother. Please share this information with your sponsors! Thanks to everyone for all of your hard fundraising work!

If you would like to donate using one of the predetermined Sponsor Levels:

Grasshopper ($25)
Palm Heel Strike ($50)
Front Kick ($75)
Spinning Back Kick ($100)
Flying Side Kick ($250)
Sensei ($500)

Please choose the Sponsor Level you would like and leave the box for Pledge Amount BLANK.

Dojiggy Sponsor Level

If you would like to donate an amount you determine, the Sponsor Level should be set to NONE (or choose NONE if it is not chosen already). Then write the exact amount you would like to donate in the box for Pledge Amount.

Dojiggy NO Sponsor Level

If you are still having difficulties donating, you can contact our Administrator, BJ Watkins at OR you can also make a donation through CAE’s Network for Good page.  In the Designation box, please write: Punch-a-thon 2014.

Network for Good Designation