The Center for Anti-Violence Education Launches New Website for LGBTQ Youth,

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Brooklyn, NY (June 25, 2014)—The Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE) today launched, an online resource center and self-defense toolkit for LGBTQ youth and staff at organizations that serve LGBTQ youth. features safety planning tools, curriculum ideas, best practices for safety in LGBTQ youth environments, referral resources, and information on violence prevention, reduction and recovery. Users of the site can learn how to create a safety plan and a de-stress plan; learn self-defense tips; watch videos with self-defense demonstrations, centering exercises, and more. Youth who are feeling down and alone can click on the compliment generator to see compliments written by youth in programs at CAE. All users will also have the opportunity to take a 20-question “Healthy Relationship Quiz,” which has been geared towards the LGBTQ community with true or false questions such as:

  • The person I’m with refuses to respect my gender pronoun or name
  • The person I’m with threatens to out me to family, co-workers, school or friends
  •  The person I’m with hides my medications or hormones from me

“We are very excited to share Safe and Proud with the world and hope that it will become a go-to resource for LGBTQ youth and the organizations that serve them,” Tracy Hobson, Executive Director of CAE said. “Through our own program research we learned that nearly 60% of LGBTQ youth in New York City experience violence and harassment weekly, while 17% of these vulnerable and resilient youth experience violence every day. will provide youth with additional resources to address, prevent, and heal from the violence they may face.” is tailored to the LGBTQ youth population and staff providers who serve them in shelters, residential programs, and community centers. The website is the result of CAE’s violence prevention work for LGBTQ homeless youth, including the Community Alliance Against Violence (CAAV) program, launched in 2011 with a prestigious three-year $200,000 matching grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. CAAV works to reduce violence in the lives of homeless, minority, and low-income LGBTQ youth by focusing on relationship violence, interpersonal violence, bias crime, and street harassment through long-term violence prevention courses for LGBTQ youth; staff trainings to build the capacity of organizations to help young people prevent and respond to violence; and the Safe and Proud online community resource center for LGBTQ youth and youth workers. CAAV partner organizations include The Ali Forney Center, Sylvia’s Place of the Metropolitan Community Church of New YorkSafe Space/Safe Home Transitional Living Facility, and the Staten Island LGBT Community Center.

“This is such important information for our youth to have: knowing that they don’t have to always fight but there are alternatives to channel their anger and keep themselves safe and get out of certain situations is so critical,” said Elysa Fein-Cunningham, Program Manager of the Staten Island LGBT Community Center. will continue to grow as CAE adds resources and relevant materials to the site. In the future, CAE plans to create an online community message board on for LGBTQ organization staff nationwide to share issues, resolutions, and best practices.


About CAE

CAE develops and implements comprehensive violence prevention programs for individuals and organizations. Through a combination of education, physical training and leadership development, CAE provides underserved communities with skills to break cycles of violence. CAE is a pioneer in the field of violence prevention, self-defense, and empowerment programs. Founded in 1974, CAE began as Brooklyn Women’s Martial Arts and is based on an anti-racist, anti-sexist philosophy. CAE partners with more than 70 New York City community organizations and has reached more than 56,000 people and trained more than 200 women and transgender people to be self-defense instructors in its 39-year history. CAE works with individuals of all incomes, ages, racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and physical abilities, and is dedicated to providing courses to underserved communities throughout the New York metropolitan area. Free programs, sliding scale fees and free childcare reflect its bedrock commitment to low-income individuals and families.

Funding Partners for CAAV

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Local Funding Partnerships joins the resources of a national foundation with local grantmakers to support ambitious new community initiatives that meet people where health starts—where they live, learn, work, and play. The Center for Anti-Violence Education operates the Community Alliance Against Violence Project with a $200,000 Robert Wood Foundation Grant (2011-2014) matched by the following local funding partners: The E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter FoundationValentine Perry Snyder FundThe New York Community TrustDeutsche BankStonewall Community FoundationThe Palette Fund, and The Pinkerton Foundation.