Donating to Punch-a-thon via DoJiggy

Hello Punchers and Sponsors! We’ve been alerted to difficulties some of you have been having while trying to donate to CAE’s Punch-a-thon via DoJiggy. We are sorry about the issues, but hopefully the following information can help make the process a little smoother. Please share this information with your sponsors! Thanks to everyone for all of your hard fundraising work! If you would like to donate using one of the predetermined...

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Punch-a-thon Prizes!

This year’s cool prizes! What better way for us to show our tremendous appreciation to those of you that have supported CAE through the Punch-a-thon than offering you the following fantastic prizes! You have until June 22nd to raise as much  money as you can to support our violence prevention programs. To the lucky adult who raises the most funds and the adult who has the most sponsors, you will get to choose from two...

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Fundraising Secrets from Yuko Uchikawa

Yuko has been a member of the CAE community for more than 20 years and has consistently been one of the top fundraisers for CAE during Punch-a-thon. Here, Yuko shares some of the secrets to her fundraising success. Why do you participate in CAE’s Punch-a-thon? Someone once said, this is ironic, punching to end violence? But this is precisely what I love about the Punch-a-thon. It makes people think about the relationship between violence and...

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