Fundraising Secrets from Yuko Uchikawa

Yuko has been a member of the CAE community for more than 20 years and has consistently been one of the top fundraisers for CAE during Punch-a-thon. Here, Yuko shares some of the secrets to her fundraising success. Why do you participate in CAE’s Punch-a-thon? Someone once said, this is ironic, punching to end violence? But this is precisely what I love about the Punch-a-thon. It makes people think about the relationship between violence and...

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Standing up to hate violence!

CAE taught our first in a  series of FREE self-defense workshops for the LGBTQ community this past Saturday at the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan.  We have another FREE workshop coming up tonight at the Hudson Guild Elliot Center: 441 W. 26th Street in Manhattan at 7pm.  We will hold workshops in Brooklyn and Queens later in the month.  See below for the schedule. These workshops are made possible by the New York City Council. Check out...

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FREE LGBTQ Self-Defense Classes in NYC

We are concerned about the recent spate of homophobic attacks in our City, where unfortunately violence against LGBTQ people is still commonplace. Today, and for almost 40 years, CAE has worked to end violence and empowered our communities to be safer, stronger, and more resilient. We would like to announce that the City Council Speaker’s Office has reached out to CAE to provide LGBTQ self-defense classes across the city.  There are FREE...

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