Programs & Classes

CAE’s on-site programs focus on teen and adult women, the LGBTQ community and transgender youth and adults. Off-site we work with many individuals and communities (including boys and men) experiencing violence and the threat of violence.


If you are a teen or a parent of a teen looking for self-defense classes, find more information about

5-week Self-Defense Classes

Power, Action, Change for Teens (PACT)

Peer Educators

Youth Registration Form


If you are an adult, find more information about:

Self-Defense for women and transpeople

Self-Defense for LGBTQ adults


Adult Registration Form


If you are a teacher, or from an organization seeking self-defense classes for your staff, clients or students:

Staff Trainings

Violence Prevention and Self-Defense Workshops

Programs for LGBTQ Youth


Click here for a list of our upcoming classes and workshops