Self-Defense for Women & Trans People

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Self-defense is everything we do to protect and take care of ourselves.  Anyone can practice self-defense.  You don’t have to be physically strong, fast or experienced.

Self-defense includes trusting your instincts, avoiding danger by getting away, fighting back using verbal and physical skills, understanding prevention and safety strategies, and finding support and healing after an attack.  Being conscious of our general health and well-being is also a part of self-defense.

Through self-defense, you will develop the confidence to decide what is best for you, and make choices based on your needs and safety.


CAE’s award-winning self-defense program is offered at different times throughout the year. The course meets once a week, for two to five weeks. Click here to visit our calendar of classes.

What will I learn in this course?

The curriculum focuses on violence prevention. Students of all skill and ability levels will learn basic self-defense information including strikes, blocks and kicks; ways to get out of different grabs and holds, verbal exercises, roleplays & discussions about dealing with attackers who are strangers, acquaintances or intimates.

Who is this class for?

Check out our upcoming classes!

CAE offers seasonal courses for women & transgender people (18 & up). Students are diverse in age, body type, background and ability.

Occasionally throughout the year CAE teaches LGBTQ courses, that are open to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ. These courses are free.

All classes are taught by instructors who have been trained through our organization. There are usually two to three instructors per class and approximately 20-25 students per class.

What does this course cost?

CAE offers this course on a sliding scale (based on income). Free childcare is available to all students.

This class is free for survivors of relationship/domestic violence, sexual assault, or childhood abuse. More info on program for survivors.

Fees range from $50 to $240 for the 5-week course.  To determine your particular fee you can call our office at (718) 788-1775 or email us. To join our next self-defense course, download a registration form.